100 Feelings Felt

UPDATE: Moo have now discontinued their API, so it's no longer possible to make these cards. Thank you to everyone who visited the site and feel free to still have a play.

Capture the now and keep it forever. Create a box of 100 colourful Moo mini cards from today's found feelings on the world wide web.

Each card features the sentence the feeling was expressed within, whilst the back displays the actual feeling (sad, happy, angry etc) together with the date and time that feeling was found.

100 Feelings Felt - A physical snapshot of people’s emotions frozen in time for you to hold in your hands and keep, share, or simply use to bookmark the now.

Created by Brendan Dawes | Hosted by (mt) Media Temple | Printing by Moo | Powered by We Feel Fine
All affiliate fees earned via Moo go to Mind, the National Association for Mental Health